The Desh Gaming Lounge

Super fun gaming at an affordable price!

A Social Gaming Experience

designed to bring you the greatest games at the best competitive price in the metroplex.

Located in Old Town Burleson

Right next to lots of food and nightlife activities.

Fun For Gamers of All Ages

Adults, kids, or teen party packages. We provide food, gaming and dedicated access to everything you need to have fun.

Immersive VR

Using the HTC Vive, we take you to worlds you've only dreamed of. Try to stay on top of the tempo in Beat Saber, or fight some zombies in Arizona Sunshine! Check our games page for a complete list.

Fun For All Ages

Step into the world of VR and experience games like Space Pirate Trainer, Half life: Alyx, and Beat Saber. With a large library of games, there's something for everyone at the desh.

Mon - Thurs

1pm - 10pm

Fri & Saturday

1pm - 1am


1pm - 10pm


Who We Are

The DESH Gaming Lounge is a place for people of all ages to come and game to their heart's content. There is a great social atmosphere at the DESH. From custom builds to tournaments, we've got you covered for all kinds of fun

Why We Do This

We wanted to create a community of gamers, that reinforces a positive environment for all ages.