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At Desh Gaming Lounge, our goal is to provide the gaming community with a place for people of all ages to come and game to their heart's content. We wanted to create a great social atmosphere with personable and informative staff to not only provide the gaming equipment, but to enhance your gaming experience.  

Every day is full of new gaming experiences at The DESH and we have been blessed to make it this far. Going forward we are always setting Goals and Milestones ahead and working towards making them a reality. This gives us the one tracked mind for making the gaming experience you have while your here better every time you visit. For us its not a matter of if we get there, but when, and if you have watched us closely since we started, you would know how small we were when we started and how big we are now. 


To answer the Big question, What is DESH?

DESH is a Star Wars reference and is a crafting component. Once you create a new character its the first thing you grab starting out and you make your very first Light Sabers and Trooper Armor with it. Going around that game map this could be gathered while fighting NPC's, picking up at loot, or from 'piles of Desh' on the ground littered around everywhere. We would run through levels and would get lost in the mindless gathering of Desh, and other crafting materials. This would happen for long enough that we would "Power Level" past the beginner areas and go straight to the next level. One time we stopped and asked ourselves what did we just do because we couldn't get any more experience for turning in, now too low a level, quests. Well... we DID IT FOR THE DESH.

We treat The DESH the same way. Push forward and get to the next level. Keep fighting. Keep making it better. Think Smarter. Get to the Goal like your hair is on Fire. Do it... For The DESH. 

What is Desh?: About
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